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1. Present tense
a. Simple present tense
Ex positive
• I am here every Sunday
• They are at home everymorning
• She is very rich
• I go to school every day
• We study English at school
• Ex negative

Ex negative
• Iam not police
• They don’t study English
• She doesn’t speak English well

Ex Intrrogrative
• Are you a new student here?
• Do you speak anglish?
• Does he go to bali every day?

b. Present continous tense
Ex positive
• I am playing volley ball now
• We are studying English now
• She is listening the radio
Ex Negative
• I am not studying biologi
• He is not listening the radio
• They are not studying there.
Ex intrrogrative
• Are you playing soccer?
• Is benny watching tv?
• Am I standing there?

c. Present perfect tense
Ex positive
• I have been to china before
• She has been shot by me just now
• I have eaten
• We have sung Indonesia raya together

Ex Negative
• We have not killed the snake in the forest
• She has not secedule me twice

Ex introgrative
• Have I shot the birf just now?
• Has she seduce me twice?

d. Present perdect continous tense
Ex positive
• I have been working here for two hours
• They have been training English for year
• She has been looking for me since morning

Ex Negative
• They have not been training English for year.
• Fajar hasn’t been visiting his friend
Ex introgrative
• Have they been training English for year?
• Has it been disappearing since last week?

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