Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

complaint letter

with Leader Dealer
With Regards,
A month ago I bought a motorcycle brand A at your dealer. I use the motorcycle as it should be like my old bike.
Yet somehow when I use, all of a sudden two weeks ago a motorcycle battery exploded so that the liquid sulfuric acid damaging some vehicle components under the seat.
I immediately took the bike to your dealer to get proper treatment. I believe that your technician is working properly. But I do not know why, after nearly two weeks of repairs, until now there has been too wrong. I have several times asked, but you always answer the customer service please be patient.
Because the bike I needed, I am willing to release some funds in the size of reasonableness based on my rights in the warranty agreement. You need to know that as long as the motor is damaged, I had to take a taxi to get to work with the cost of Rp 30 thousand per day.
If within one month of repairs has not been completed, I hope my right to get compensation a new vehicle, as listed in the warranty agreement, can be met.
But I believe this issue can be resolved carefully.
Thank you.

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